How I Can Help


Depression comes in many forms from mild to severe, the sooner you get help the better.  Most of us minimize sad moods we are having, a good way to measure whether or not you should seek out help is if you feel sad/depressed for more than 2 weeks.  Giving yourself permission to take care of yourself is a good first step.  Depression is not something you have to live with, learning the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will give you life long tools to create the life you want and not feel like you are pulling around a ball and chain any longer.  Knowing that our thoughts create our moods make it possible to make the changes you hope for.  Feeling sad at times is normal, we want to be able to feel many emotions, we just don’t want them to hold us back from having the life we desire.


Anxiety is the most common mental health issue in our country, it is understandable knowing all the stressors we deal with daily in our individual relationships, work and the world.  A little anxiety can help us get things done, the problem is when your anxiety is managing your life instead of you managing your anxiety.  Learning how to identify and really understand what anxiety is , is the first step to becoming well.  Clients with anxiety share that the uncertainty is what scares them the most, having tools to deal with uncertainty allows you to decrease or eliminate the anxiety that is holding you back


Working one on one in therapy can be very beneficial by having a safe place to talk without judgment and is also a courageous first step to change.   I say courageous because many of my clients share how hard it was to make that first phone call and how they saw themselves as weak needing help.  It is your therapy and you get to choose whatever is most important to you to focus on.


Sometimes we start going through unexpected changes or a new life stage and we just don’t know how to handle it.  We may feel like we have tried everything and nothing is helping us get out of our funk.  That’s a good time to come in for therapy and get help figuring things out.  Therapy is not just for crisis situations, if you come in when you start to struggle you can avoid the crisis and have new tools to manage your new life.

How You Can Help Yourself

Breath – always remember to take a breath when you are feeling overwhelmed.  Breath in for 4 seconds and breath out for 4 seconds, if you can do this for 3-4 minutes.
Journaling –  Writing our thoughts and feelings down helps us get them out of our heads so we won’t ruminate which makes you more depressed.
You are not alone –  Sadly there is still a stigma about mental health so most people don’t share what they may be feeling with others which in turn is isolating and makes you feel alone.  Reach out to just one person you trust, you may be surprised to find out they feel the same way.

FYI– we all have 80,000-90,000 thoughts a day, that’s a lot of thoughts to deal with!

Whatever struggle you may be going through doesn’t define you as a person.  You may have depression but don’t label yourself as a “depressed person”, there is still a lot more to you then how you feel.

Gratitude – research shows that happy people are the most grateful.  Write down everything you are grateful for or just do it in your head when you are driving or in a stressful situation.  It is important to remember everything we are grateful for.  It is too easy to get stuck in our negative thoughts and forget who and what we have in our lives.