Julie L. Osborn, LCSW, Psy.D

Dr. Julie Osborn has been in practice for over 25 years, she specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is the most effective and well studied modality of psychotherapy.  She worked at UCI Neuropsychiatric Center in Orange, CA for over 10 years.  She volunteers for Families Forward in Irvine offering counseling to families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Dr. Osborn is a Certified TEAM Therapist: LEVEL 2 and has been featured on many reputable publications such as the OC Metro and the OC Register as well as been invited as a guest therapist on the Dr. Phil Show. In 2006 Dr. Osborn was included in Empires “Who’s Who Honors Edition 2005-2006 for Outstanding Professionals in their field”.  Dr. Osborn lives & practices in Irvine, CA.

My Philosophy

I have wanted to be a counselor my whole life, starting out as the counselor at my overnight camp for our tent when I was 8 years old. I have my Bachelors and Masters degree as a Social Worker and my Doctorate in Psychology. I have had wonderful experiences working with all levels of mental health, in 1997 I began working at UCI and was given the opportunity to learn CBT by running a group and teaching the psychiatry residents group CBT.

That opportunity has been a blessing because CBT has allowed me to help so many clients get well, it works and the results can be fast.  Offering clients tools to get better creates a sense of hopefulness and empowerment that they can get better and know what to do when they leave my office when they have negative moods.  I practice what I preach because I know that challenging my own negative thoughts is how I can be happy and content in my own life.

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My goal is to teach my clients to be their own therapist so that their therapy can be short term, and they will learn life-long skills to improve their mental health! Come in and let me teach you how to be your own therapist.

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